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The roof is the highest part of the house. Hence, we need to protect our roofs and maintain their condition as much as possible. A roof protects everything under it, so if your property, family, and possessions matter, you have to preserve a good roof.

Hiring residential roofers is a great way to stop your roofing problem. It can be leaking or whatever your problem is, they are the right people to hire.

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However, ensure that you are hiring the right people.

Here are the red flags to observe before hiring residential roofers.

The company does not pull permits.
If the roofer you hire does not have permits, that roofer can be a fraud. Permits are everything. Ensure that the people you hire are capable of doing the job. They exist legally and are registered in your area.

Roofers are not licensed.
Ensure that the residential roofer you hire is licensed. It tests their knowledge and skills to do the job correctly. If they are not licensed, you might waste your time and resources on the wrong people.

They install cheap water or ice barriers.
Ice and water barriers help in protecting your home and everything inside it from water leakage and moisture. Ensure that your roofers install quality ice and water barriers to withstand any weather conditions.

Continue watching the video to know the other residential roofer’s red flags.


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