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Stove fire

Fire safety is one of the longest-running social issues in America, and it seems as if the number of civilian deaths caused by fires increases with every passing year. Every homeowner has a responsibility to take fire safety tips seriously and take necessary precautionary steps to ensure that this frightening experience does not happen to them.

One of the leading causes of fire destruction and deaths is stove fires. Stove fires are usually the result of negligence on the part of homeowners, but thankfully, advances in technology have made easier to guarantee that a stove fire doesn’t happen to you. There are now auto stove shut-off devices that prevent kitchen fires, providing homeowners with peace of mind to cook and live with confidence. Here are just a few shocking examples of how stove fires affect Americans on a daily basis:

  • Over 60% of kitchen fires start from unattended cooking. Auto stove shut-off devices are so important for homeowners because you just never know when a tiny flame can turn into a full-blown house fire. By taking your eyes off of the stove for even a minute, you’re essentially risking everything. There’s a reason that more than half of stove fires start from unattended cooking, and by changing your habits in the kitchen, you can protect your family from this harrowing fate.
  • 29% of people intentionally disable smoke alarms while cooking. This is another common mistake by homeowners that often leads to tragedy. Avoiding a few minutes of loud beeping is not worth putting your family’s lives at risk, and you should never do anything with your smoke alarm other than check the batteries every few months.
  • 30 seconds is all it takes to engulf a home in flames. Once a room is engulfed, the air at eye level is heated to a scorching 600 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to burn your lungs when inhaling. Homeowners sometimes let smaller flames go and hope that they die out, but unfortunately, this usually doesn’t go according to plan. You need auto stove shut-off protection to kill these flames before they become too big to deal with on your own.

As a homeowner, you have the power to take control of your family’s safety and protect them from stove fires at all costs. Invest in an auto stove shut-off device and get the peace of mind you deserve in the kitchen.


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