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Storage unit virginia beach

In the last 35 years, one of the fastest growing commercial real estate industries in the US is the self storage sector. In fact, as of the 4th quarter of 2011, the total rentable space in self storage in the US is around 2.3 billion square feet. This is 78 square miles of self storage space. The size is actually three times the size of Manhattan. And in terms of those who rent, around 10.8 million households use these facilities. This is not surprising because according to the United States Bureau of Statistics, in a year more than 15 percent of the entire US population move to another location or residence. Self storage offers the right solution to those who are moving to smaller homes, to those who simply want their new homes to be clutter free, or to those who simply have no space for some of their belongings. If you are looking for a self storage Virginia Beach here are the three most important things to look for.

First, look for a self storage virginia beach that offers maximum security of your belongings. As such, check out the security features of the self storage Virginia Beach facility. Choose a storage in Virginia Beach with good security features. Second, look storage unit virginia beach that offers maximum protection. This means climate control, protection from pests and extreme weather condition. Third, since there are several storage facilities virginia beach, look for one that has good reviews and ranking. This is very important since it will allow you to find one that will protect your belongings and will not give your problems.


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